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The magic of motorhome ownership can only be achieved in a vehicle that’s well looked after, so it’s a pleasure for us to undertake a variety of motorhome aftersales services on site here at AMC in Hailsham, East Sussex. This includes servicing, MOTs, habitation checks and insurance repairs, as well as gas appliance installation, service, and inspection. We’re also able to supply and fit a range of motorhome accessories, so you can really make your motorhome your own. 

The pride we demonstrate in our work is what sets AMC apart, working towards 100% satisfaction in every single instance. 

Motorhome servicing, MOTs and habitation checks 

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your motorhome on the road and ready for those spontaneous trips. Entrusting essential services, MOTs and habitation checks to our qualified and experienced workshop team means that your motorhome receives care that meets manufacturers' requirements, and you receive an excellent experience with us; we keep you informed throughout. 

Motorhome repairs 

Our experienced team can take on a variety of motorhome repairs, ranging from general wear and tear to insurance-related work. We work closely with you and a wide range of insurance companies to ensure that any issues are resolved promptly, with empathy, and to a high standard. Our ultimate goal is to get you back on the road as soon as possible, so you can enjoy your travels with peace of mind. As we work with a vast array of insurance companies, you can rely on our expertise and professionalism to handle your motorhome repairs with care and diligence.

Gas safety checks for your motorhome

It's crucial to have your gas appliances checked periodically to ensure their safe and efficient operation. Our team of technicians is trained to Gas safety standards established by IGEM (Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers) and IG/1 (Installation of Gas Appliances in Residential Park Homes), recognized throughout the industry for safe gas work in motorhomes. They also receive regular training and assessments to keep their skills and knowledge up to date with the latest advancements. You can rely on our team's proficiency and dedication to safety to guarantee that your gas appliances are installed and maintained to the highest standards.


Motorhome accessories 

Part of the fun of motorhome life is making it your own, and accessories can help you turn your vehicle into the home from home you’ve always wanted. You can rely on AMC to supply you with everything you need to customise your pride and joy, and allow you to experience those creature comforts on the road. 

What can you expect from AMC?

Whilst we’re not AWS (Approved Workshop Scheme) approved, we’re committed to following the same guidelines to ensure consistency across our workshop, and in the service we provide to our customers. These guidelines include: 

  • Displaying a detailed list of prices and labour rates
  • Providing an estimate for any additional servicing or repair work over £150
  • Giving a realistic estimated time for completion and collection
  • Using genuine spare parts where available
  • Ensuring all work is carried out using skill, care and professional judgement
  • Always providing you with a checklist of work done
  • Only starting work with your consent
  • Contacting you for confirmation to continue if additional work is identified
  • Notifying you in writing of faults that are not rectified, with an honest assessment of the urgency of the repairs required.

Here at AMC, our highly skilled technicians have a combined experience of 75 years, and we, therefore, guarantee all repairs for a minimum of six months and take all reasonable steps to protect the validity of any unexpired warranties.

Curious to learn more about just some of the ways in which we’re able to look after AMC customers and their motorhomes? Explore a range of our services below. 

  • Rust Removal & Underseal
    Rust can be a real problem for motorhome owners, and keeping it at bay can feel like a never-ending task. We know this, and we feel your pain; that’s why AMC have teamed up with Lanoguard Underseal, and have become proud suppliers of their underbody protection products.  A quick 20-30 minute spray of Lanoguard will provide protection against harsh winter conditions that would otherwise cause rust and corrosion on the underside of your vehicle.  Why choose Lanoguard?  ...
  • Valeting
    Houseproud when it comes to your motorhome? We know how important it is to keep your vehicle looking and feeling brand new, but also that it can feel like a large, overwhelming task. It’s often much easier to entrust it to a team who are experienced in getting to all the various nooks and crannies of your motorhome, whether it be a small set of wheels, or a bigger, luxury vehicle. This is where the AMC valeting team can work their magic! Offering professional interior and exterior valetin...
  • Pre Purchase Inspections
    Buying a motorhome is a big investment, and you want to know what you’re getting yourself into before you make any final decisions, both in terms of your time, and for the sake of your finances. We know that committing to a new leisure vehicle is an exciting time, and we believe you should be able to enjoy it safely in the knowledge that you know what needs to be done to make it your perfect home from home.  This is why we offer pre-purchase inspections at AMC, designed to give you t...
  • Insurance Repairs
    An accident in your motorhome is stressful enough, and when there are repairs to be done, it makes it a whole lot easier if they can be completed quickly and with as little inconvenience as possible. At AMC, we know how much trust you put in your motorhome, and how much you want to get it back in action, so our insurance repairs are thorough, completed to a high standard, and carried out as swiftly as possible.  When it comes to motorhome insurance repairs, we’ll be by your side...
  • Habitation (HAB) Checks
    In addition to the servicing that your motorhome should undergo at the recommended intervals, we strongly suggest that a Habitation check (HAB) is carried out too. As part of being a one-stop-shop for your motorhome needs, we carry out habitation checks for our customers, keeping them on the road in comfort and safety.  What is a habitation check?  A habitation check concentrates on the living area of your vehicle, and is designed to keep arguably the most used part of your motorhome...
  • Gas Safety Checks
    The beauty of owning a motorhome is that you can carry your creature comforts with you wherever you go, and there’s nothing better than cooking a hearty meal for you and those you’re with in your very own home on wheels. For this, though, you need gas appliances, such as a hob, cooker and fridge - and don’t forget that all-important heating for a comfortable evening! Having gas appliances in your motorhome comes with an obligation to get them regularly safety checked.  Mo...
  •  Washroom Shower Tray & Sink Repairs
    Just in the same way that it can happen within the home, show tray and sink systems in a motorhome can crack, break, or become discoloured. At best, this can result in a bathroom that doesn’t look its best; at worst, it’s a serious damp problem, and you’re left with facilities that don’t work as they should.  At AMC, we undertake washroom shower tray and sink repairs to motorhomes of all shapes and sizes, ensuring they’re fit for purpose, and resistant to wear...
  • Motorhome & Caravan Mechanical servicing
    To ensure that your motorhome/caravan is in optimum condition, it is vital that is serviced on a regular basis. This also plays a vital role in maintaining the value of your motorhome. We are able to undertake any servicing requirments to meet manufacturer standards, ensuring that any warranty remains valid. We can carry out Full, Interim, Oil & Filter or Winter services. We also fit commercial motorhome tyres and batteries (leisure and engine). Please speak to a member of the service ...
  • Appliances Diagnosis/Service
    Appliances such as fridges and boilers can cost a fortune to fix or replace. Why not keep them in tip-top condition by treating them to a special service, Priced at £165 + VAT.
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