• Rust Removal & Underseal

Rust Removal & Underseal

  • Rust Removal & Underseal

Lanoguard Underseal, New for 2022!

We are happy to become Lanoguard's newest supplier.

 Why Is Lanoguard Ideal for Winterizing?

Lanoguard underseal has many key properties and features which make them ideally suited to underbody protection, particularly to prepare for harsh winter environments. A quick 20-30 minute spray of Lanoguard will let you rest assured that your vehicles, equipment, and machinery are safe all season from the dangers of rust and corrosion.


Here’s just a few reasons why Lanoguard's products are ideal for winter application:

  • They displace all moisture and oxygen, stopping the rusting process dead in its tracks
  • They protect against salt, acid, and alkaline
  • They stop electrolysis and ensure parts don’t seize up
  • They’re non-conductive to 70kV – you can winterize electrical components and stop problems arising from inclement weather
  • They’re quick and easy to use with very low prep, no masking up needed, and minimal mess
  • They’re jetwash resistant to 3000psi – so you can easily clean your vehicle throughout winter without removing the protection
  • Lanoguard can be used all year, even in cold weather climates
  • They’re natural, non-toxic and ecologically sound

 Hammerite Waxoyl

Waxoyl is the original rustproofing product for cars. The thick waxy fluid chases out moisture to form a flexible weatherproof skin. Ideal protection for doors, panels, box sections and internal structures.

We provide a complete rustproofing service to protect your vehicle from the damaging and expensive effects of rust. From undersealing to complete cavity wax injection treatments, all our treatments give you the peace of mind that your motorhome is well protected. Our aim is to maintain the condition and value of your motorhome for years to come.

Rust is a serious issue both aesthetically and safety-wise. If your motorhome has structural rust it could fail its M.O.T or worse! It is a major threat to cars on British roads yet is probably the least thought about. If you cannot see the damage being done it is easy to forget about it – until it is too late or extremely expensive to fix. With the long, cold, wet winters and salt gritted roads, rust can ruin a motorhome from the inside out in as little as a few years.



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