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One of the most popular upgrades to a motorhome that we get asked for here at AMC are lithium batteries. These can replace the leisure battery, and are a popular choice thanks to their lightweight, longer-lasting credentials. Our skilled technicians can fit lithium batteries here in Sussex, taking your adventures to the next level. 

What are lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries are in more devices than you think; if you look around, we’re pretty sure that you will spot various lithium battery-powered appliances around you, such as iPads, phones and tools. There are plenty of reasons why you might want one to feature in your motorhome too, as we’ve outlined below… 

What are the benefits of a lithium battery? 

  • They can power equipment with little charging time 
  • Longer off-grid power
  • They can allow the use of induction hobs and compressor fridges, relieving or eradicating the use of LPG in motorhomes
  • They store solar energy 10x better than a lead-acid battery ever will
  • Lithium batteries can be fitted any way up 
  • In-built Battery Management System regulates the charge rate, surge rate and temperature status, and can be viewed via a smartphone or battery monitor 

Lithium batteries at AMC 

As trusted motorhome experts in Sussex, you can expect us to supply and fit only the best lithium batteries, which is why we install Transporter Energy batteries. They are the highest tested Intertek-passed batteries that money can buy, made in the USA and quality assured. 

Due to their seriously impressive 10-year warranty and greater charging speeds, we have been fitting Transporter Energy batteries as an upgrade to many motorhomes, and even boats. Used by organisations such as NHS, BOSE Audio and Zip World, they boast 5000 cycles (80% DOD), there’s no discharge if they’re kept in storage, and you can just plug in and go! 

To discover more about Transporter Energy batteries, please get in contact using the form below. Alternatively please head over to the Transporter Energy website at the link below.

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In addition, please find the team on Instagram as or on Facebook as Transporter Energy.



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