Habitation (HAB) Checks

In addition to the servicing that your motorhome should undergo at the recommended intervals, we strongly suggest that a Habitation check (HAB) is carried out too. As part of being a one-stop-shop for your motorhome needs, we carry out habitation checks for our customers, keeping them on the road in comfort and safety. 

What is a habitation check? 

A habitation check concentrates on the living area of your vehicle, and is designed to keep arguably the most used part of your motorhome just that - habitable! 

For vehicles still within warranty, you may find that there is a requirement for habitation checks to be carried out in order to keep it valid, so it’s even more important to adhere to the recommendations if this is the case. 

What does the habitation check cover? 

The many in-depth checks and tests we carry out as part of a habitation check at AMC include: 


Not only are lights, sockets, and circuit breakers tested, but checks also include anything that is powered by electricity, such as the fridge, TV and battery. In short, we can test 230 V mains electrics, your appliances, RCD operation, and 12 V electrics.

Gas systems

Gas appliances can make life on the road cosy and convenient, but you must ensure that this system is maintained correctly. We check gas soundness, carry out appliance testing, and record safe carbon monoxide levels. 

Water systems 

Leaks on your water system can cause a world of problems, both in everyday life in your motorhome, and in terms of damp within your vehicle. We’ll make sure everything is watertight and working correctly. 

Ventilation systems 

In an enclosed environment, ventilation is very important, so we’ll be checking vents, windows and skylights to ensure they open and close as they should, and aren’t obstructed by anything. 

Fire Safety

We’ll check the function of your smoke and CO² alarms, to make sure they’re within date and working, so that you’re alerted to any emergency as soon as possible. 


Your home on the road needs to be safe and sturdy, so we’ll assess the bodywork, and this extends to windows, doors, blinds, and even an assessment of the roof. 

Full Damp Survey 

The dreaded damp is the enemy of any motorhome owner, and annual habitation checks can identify and deal with damp problems before they become a bigger issue. We’ll carry out a full damp survey, making sure to record the levels. 

Whilst AMC is not AWS (Approved Workshop Scheme) approved, we are committed to following the same guidelines to ensure a consistent level of workmanship and service. These guidelines include: 

  • Displaying a full list of prices and labour rates
  • Providing an estimate for any additional work that goes over £150
  • Giving a realistic estimated time for completion and collection
  • Using genuine spare parts where available
  • Ensuring all work is carried out using skill, care and professional judgement
  • Always providing you with a checklist of work done
  • Only starting work with your consent
  • Contacting you for confirmation to continue if additional work is identified
  • Notifying you in writing of faults that are not rectified, with an honest assessment of the urgency of the repairs required.

Keen to get your habitation check underway before the adventures begin? Get in touch with us via the form below. 

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