• Why You Should Consider Buying A Motorhome

Why You Should Consider Buying A Motorhome

Freedom, flexibility and a strong investment. There's never been a better time to buy.

  • Why You Should Consider Buying A Motorhome

Have you ever considered a motorhome as a great investment? Not only from a financial point of view but in the value and increased flexibility it can bring to your valuable leisure time?

Increasingly we are seeing more and more customers purchasing a motorhome thanks to the level of flexibility it can afford you and your family.

It seems the possibilities are endless when it comes to a motorhome and there are countless reasons why you should consider purchasing one for yourself. Motorhomes afford you so much more than just flexibility, they can enable you to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings. They also let you explore areas at your own pace and in a way that you couldn't do travelling by conventional means.

Let's look at some of the major highlights before looking and some additional benefits in more detail below. First up you have the option to have unlimited holidays, and what's more, you don't even need to travel too far either thanks to the beauty of the great British outdoors. In addition, you can lend your motorhome to family or simply take all your home creature comforts with you.

There is also the efficiency and green, environmentally friendly benefits too. More and more of us are becoming increasingly aware of our carbon footprint. A motorhome removes the need for flights and also allows you to be fully self-sufficient thanks to the likes of solar panels and innovative battery technology. Whilst being greener alternatives, these measures let you park in more remote and cosy parts of the world whilst remaining able to power your motorhome, it also lets you take in some breathtaking views up close. Imagine being parked up looking out over remote rolling hills or a stunning valley in the highlands.

Throughout this Spring the UK has seen some fantastic weather and the long term forecast points to the UK being hot this Summer too.

Whilst it is becoming increasingly clear that flights are set to be heavily restricted andas we ease slowly out of lockdown, it's only natural that you'll be looking to consider how you can holiday safely whilst taking in the stunning beauty of the United Kingdom.

Why buy a motorhome?

With the above in mind, you may have thought about a motorhome. Let's look at seven some key factors that make owning a motorhome a great choice.

1. Motorhomes have seen rapid advances in technology over the last few years. They now offer you all the home comforts that you would expect including showers, televisions and spacious and practical living rooms.

2. Motorhomes give you the freedom and afford you the potential of having unlimited holidays each year and the ability to move from destination to destination.

3. Your money is not disappearing, merely invested in a luxury leisure vehicle, vehicles which are proven to hold strong market value.

4. At the more high-end of leisure, the average family holiday can cost between £4000 - £6000, whereas a motorhome won’t lose this value in a whole year. When you consider this factor, how many weeks or weekends away could you get out of your new motorhome?

5. Motorhomes are great assets that you can split the cost on whilst fully enjoying all of their benefits. Frequently we see customers buying and sharing the cost of ownership and the experience of owning a motorhome with grandparents or siblings to help share the costs and enjoyment of future holidays.

6. There are flexible ways to buy. We can finance motorhomes up to 10 years to keep monthly payments low and manageable, unlike a new car that can typically be financed for only 5 years.

7. The reason we offer 10-year finance is simple, it's because these vehicles hold there value and provide enjoyment for all the family for years to come.

Don’t believe us? Then check out all of our motorhomes now. Your dream motorhome could be waiting for you... 

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Why choose AMC Motor Caravans?

Customer satisfaction is key at AMC. That's why every one of our motorhomes is meticulously prepared before sale. There are no hidden admin fees or charges and furthermore, each motorhome comes with a... 

⊕ Brand New MOT
⊕ Minimum 6 Month Warranty
⊕ Full Valet Inside and Out
⊕ Habitation Check
⊕ A New Service
⊕ Full Comprehensive Handover

At AMC we have all of your leisure needs covered

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