Disabled Adaptations (Ramps & Clamps)

Motorhome holidays can, and should, be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, regardless of age or ability. To make access to your motorhome and therefore the wider world even easier, here at AMC we are able to supply and install equipment designed to adapt your motorhome to your needs, and make it a comfortable stay every time. 

Wheelchair accessible motorhomes

Making your motorhome wheelchair accessible may be easier than you think, with ramps and clamps available not only for safe access to the motorhome itself, but also safe transit on your adventures too. We’re able to source and fit the most appropriate equipment for your make and model, upgrading your vehicle to accommodate your needs. 

Considerations to make for your adapted leisure vehicle

To make your adventures as suited to your needs as possible, it’s worth considering whether the following changes would make a difference: 

  • Are switches, sockets and surfaces within easy reach? 
  • Is the interior of the vehicle easy to navigate with mobility aids? 
  • Is the washroom suitable? Are the toilet, sink and shower facilities at an appropriate height?
  • Is there room to store mobility equipment?
  • Are any adaptations likely to tip the vehicle’s weight over the payload limit?
  • Does the cab itself need alterations to make driving the vehicle easier?

Talk to us about disabled adaptations for your motorhome 

By telling us about what you need from your motorhome in order to make it the carefree escape that it should be, we can work out the best way to make it accessible for you. Our Sussex-based team has a wealth of knowledge available when it comes to adapting your motorhome, as well as years of experience too, so you and your motorhome will be in safe hands. 

Contact us via the form below, or give us a call on 01323 449146

Disabled Adaptations (Ramps & Clamps) Enquiry
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