Deco Noir Airstream Bar Rental

Deco Noir (Art Deco meets Film Noir) was the creation of the MD, Samantha. She started out as a classical singer but Jazz soon stole her heart and with that she fell in love with all things vintage. After a stint as an interior designer, Samantha opened her first business creating a mobile crepe bar in 2006. Samantha single-handedly created this bar armed with nothing but a dream, female intuition and a screwdriver! It was so refreshing that it grew so fast that she was struggling to keep up with it.  This meant that permanent premises were obtained in South West London. In the following 7 years, valuable skills and experience were gained running the restaurant hosting weddings, parties and live jazz nights. So opening an events company was the very next step.

We work very closely with Deco Noir, If you wish to know more about how we can help, then please call us on 01323 449146 or leave your details below.

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