Gron ebike – Lightweight folding carbon ebike


AMC Motorhomes have teamed up with local firm Gron to supply Sussex with their debut carbon fiber folding e-bike. This is a modern-day bike weighing only 14Kg. With your folding Grone you can get around smoothly and comfortably everywhere with its 20 inch wheels, smooth gearing and electrical assistance. Experience the freedom of riding a lightweight carbon fibre bike, run into town for some shopping, down to the beach, or perhaps on your daily commute into the workplace. If you visit a campsite or take a summer vacation in the UK or abroad, you can fold your Grone and take it anywhere with you. The Grone can be folded and put in your car, or camper van easily and taken with you on the go. The Gron bike not only has 5-speed electrical assistance with LCD display and control, but it also has a standard 9 speed Shimano gear set that will make hills, flats and any overall ride a joy to take.



£2,399.00 IN STOCK NOW!

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